2015 ACM ICPC Asia Taipei Regional Contest Final Report

The 40th ACM ICPC Asia Taipei Regional Contest on December 5-6, 2015 has successfully completed.  This year’s contest was hosted by the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering of the National Taiwan Normal University.

The problem set consisted of 12 tasks.  Ten were successfully solved by at least one team.  Two tasks, tasks A and D, were solved by all but one team.  Task E and F were unexpectedly challenging to the teams as only 2 and 1 team solved these two tasks, respectively.  Tasks K and L were the most difficult tasks as many teams attempted but did not succeed in solving these two tasks.  In all, 782 submissions were received and 325 of those submissions were judged to be correct. 

This year there were 70 teams, representing 36 universities, competing for the ticket to the World Final to be held at Phuket, Thailand.  69 Teams solved 2 or more problems; 59 teams solved 3 or more problems; 44 teams solved 4 or more problems; 32 teams solved 5 or more problems; 26 teams solved 6 or more problems; 18 teams solved 7 or more problems; 6 teams solved 8 or more problems; and 2 teams solved 9 problems.  The teams solving 7 or more problems received 1st through 10th place certificates based on their ranking.  All the teams solving 4, 5 or 6 tasks also received Honorable Mention Certificates.

Problem set:

Final Standing:

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