Contest Rules

  • The basic Contest rules are detailed at the sites below:
    1. ACM ICPC Regional Rules
    2. ACM ICPC Asia Director Blog
  • Rules specific to this Regional Contest are:
    1. Each team may bring up to 25 pages of A4 or letter sized printed material, with page numbers clearly labeled. Double-side papers are counted as two pages each. Please note that you must print out the pages on your own. The on-site staff will NOT offer the printing service.
    2. Each team may also bring blank papers, graph papers and stationery (e.g., pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, etc.), English dictionary (printed, not electronic), a team mascot, and your own keyboard and mouse.
    3. All of the above must be checked in during the practice contest and remain near the assigned workstation until the contest.

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